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I'm thinking about just giving her time to re-think the situation and see if she actually does like me like she says she does.This is breaking her heart and i don't know what to do.Just a suggestion, go to her house and knock on the door.When they answer introduce yourself to them, be very respectful.When her parents lay down the law, stay on the lawmaker’s good side by following the rules to a T, and don’t encourage your girlfriend to cross the boundaries on her own.Watch out for displays of affection, particularly in your girlfriend’s home, by finding out what’s acceptable ahead of time -- holding hands might be OK, but cuddling up in front of the TV might be a definite no-no in front of Mom and Dad.Apparently, it will take them some time to cross over their set by their parents. While Sunday may be the only day of the week when the two of you are completely free, given the strict parent scenario, your girlfriend or boyfriend may have to stay home with their family, instead of coming out on a date. Honest confessions about their ignorance of the high rated TV serials might take you by surprise.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to change their mind on dating, it just requires patience and an openness to change.

Alas, you can’t choose parents so you have to love and respect them no matter how strict they are.

Your parents are your guardians and hating them is a huge sin. Here’s the list of the things that only girls who were raised by strict parents can understand.

It might be hard to believe, but her parents were teens once, too.

They have a pretty good idea of the thoughts running through teens' minds and they are likely strict out of concern for their daughter.