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I got a good one.” Oh, and here’s another whopper you didn’t see coming: They have a son — look! Whoops.) So far, no more details have been given as to the couple’s upcoming wedding plans. You might know him from 'Percy Jackson,' 'I Am Number Four' and that episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' that he guested on, but if Deadline is correct, you'll soon know him as the next RPattz or Tay-tay Lauts. ) Abel is apparently the frontrunner to co-star as Ian in 'The Host,' 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer's follow-up to the mega YA series.Tru begins to spend time with Lodell's best friend, fellow footballer Manuel, but when he bullies openly gay classmate Walter, Tru defends Walter and they become friends.They try to establish a Gay Straight Alliance and although a conservative teacher and a closeted English teacher refuse to support the group, the school drama teacher agrees to be the faculty sponsor.PHOTOS: Breakout stars of 2012 While much has been written about the parallels between Irons told Us at the event that he was often on the receiving end of Abel's on-set pranks. His genuine smile and straight acting have won millions of hearts worldwide.Sixteen-year-old Tru has been raised in San Francisco by two lesbian mothers and two gay fathers.When one of her mothers gets a well-paid job in a multi-cultural but more conservative suburb in Southern California, Tru and her mothers relocate.

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This week, he confirmed the news at the Cinema Society screening of the Stephenie Meyer book-turned-movie, saying: “So far, [the screaming girls] have been really, really nice. The first meeting is successful, with several people attending a long discussion on same-sex marriage in California, but during football practice at the same time, the coach calls the players "ladies," rants that "kids can't even say prayers in class, but the fags..their own club!" He then asks his team if they want to "put a little muscles into these plays or go meet [their] boyfriends at the Gay Scouts of America," to which they answer that they want to "play ball." At the end of the Gay Straight Alliance meeting Tru meets a gay-rights supporter, hipster-geek senior Trevor.Information related to him and his biography can be grabbed from Wiki sites.He was dating his girlfriend, Tara Mason a few years back before the couple decided to get married and convert their alleged affair into a relationship.