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TWRP recovery let’s you do a number of cool stuff but the whole point of having a custom recovery is to be able to flash unsigned files.

This comes from the fact that TWRP doesn't handle properly the upgrade process.

To solve the problem, you phone just need to get back the stock recovery to let the upgrade process run.

These files could be anything from a custom kernel, boot, recovery, MODs or full custom ROMs.

Let’s see how to flash a custom ROM on any Android device using TWRP recovery. Your device will now reboot with the custom ROM you just flashed.

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I can't get into recovery (tried the power, down, bixby then power up without success) however can get into download mode.

If you have rooted your Motorola Moto G and installed TWRP recovery following this guide, latest Motorola OTA update to Kitkat 4.4.4 must have failed.

If you have accepted latest Kitkat 4.4.4 OTA system update, your phone may be in infinite boot loop : during normal boot process, it reboots automatically after less than one minute.

You'll then be able to flash back latest TWRP recovery.

The complete procedure has been tested on a Moto G 8Gb running Kitkat 4.4.2 from a Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 workstation.