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"It's not just an outright racial outburst of uncontrolled violence," she said.

The three-part documentary opens with a surfer riding the waves on Cronulla beach but the scene quickly shifts to a glimpse of bare-chested young men, some draped in the Australian flag, waving their fists in an angry warning to stay away. Should have been called 'The Shameful Australian Race Riot,'" read a comment left on the Facebook page of broadcaster SBS Australia.

"The Great Australian Race Riot" documents nine major riots since the mid-19th century, beginning with sectarian violence between Irish Catholics and British Protestants living in Melbourne that led to bloodshed on city streets in 1846.

"As awful and as sensitive as it can be, when you look at racial riots, they do say something about the political, economic or social status," director Sally Aitken told Reuters.