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Naturally, she switches her allegiance to Bond (“Call me James,” 007 insists).But he wakes to find that Goldfinger has taken his revenge.Murino, who achieved international recognition for her role of Solange Dimitrios in the 2006 critically-acclaimed 007 outing, believes Craig is under too much pressure to be the "perfect" James Bond.Caterina Murino said it's going to be a 'very hot summer in 'Rome', and added, knowingly, 'in all the different meanings of hot'. When I pressed her, she replied: 'If I go any further and my boyfriend reads this, he's going to kill me!Having appeared in three Carry On films and an episode of The Saint, Shirley Eaton became an iconic Bond girl, not for the way her character lived but how she died.

See full summary » Mattia, a 32 year old building contractor in Perugia has lots of style, nice suits, nice car, gorgeous looking girlfriend but behind this facade is cutting corners with site safety and ...“Darknet” explores the underworld of organ trafficking in post-Katrina New Orleans, including the involvement of a prominent hospital and corrupt local cops.The story focuses on Stone’s character, whose journalist-husband turns up murdered in the bayou just as he is on the brink of unveiling the collusion between a local police officer (Zane) and the illicit trafficking, organized covertly by a blogger, played by Gershon.A comedy set amid the glittering Christmas decorations of modern-day Rome.Actor Sandro Lanza is experiencing the most painful moment of his existence. See full summary » The owners of an Italian textile factory sell the majority of the property to a multinational company.