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The former X Factor star, 23, has been co-hosting the show with Dave Berry and Lilah Parsons for the past year.

But a Capital FM spokesperson confirmed the trio have now presented their last show together, after main host Dave announced he was leaving the station in February.

Wide Open Walls mural festival starts in Sacramento. New UC Davis Chancellor Gary May discusses his plans for the university.

Wine expert Rick Kushman explains why all Malbec wines aren’t created equal.

It lies at the confluence of the Saluda River and the Broad River, which merge at Columbia to form the Congaree River.

Columbia is home to the University of South Carolina, the state's flagship and largest university, and is also the site of Fort Jackson, the largest United States Army installation for Basic Combat Training.

A source told The Sun: 'George has done a great job but bosses weren’t prepared to put him in charge of the station’s flagship show.

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George also posted a picture of Matthew walking along the beach and looking out to sea, captioning it with 'Sexiiii.' A source told The Sun: 'George and Matthew have been together for several months now.In 1860, the city was the location of the South Carolina Secession Convention, which marked the departure of the first state from the Union in the events leading up to the Civil War.In May 1540, a Spanish expedition led by Hernando de Soto traversed what is now Columbia while moving northward.Clockwise, from top left: the Mosque of Islamic Solidarity, an aerial view of the city, the Port of Mogadishu, a US helicopter flying over the city during Operation Restore Hope, a building of the Somali National University, and the Mogadishu coastline Tradition and old records assert that southern Somalia, including the Mogadishu area, was historically inhabited by hunter-gatherers.These were later joined by Cushitic-speaking agro-pastoralists, who would go on to establish local aristocracies.